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At Crane Payment Innovations, our top priority will always be our customers; delivering innovative products that provide performance and real value.  We appreciate your business, and our level of service shows you how much we care. In the pursuit of service excellence, we offer support for our customers through various channels, such as customer service, technical support, and a global network of distributors and authorized service centers.
Did you know ... ?
What's the storage capacity of CashCode branded cassettes/cash boxes?

The CashCode brand offers many options for cassettes capacity:
BackLoad  and BackLoad SM lines: 400, 600, 1000 and *1500 capacity note cassettes.
*The 1500 note cassette is an innovative industry first, which features a special security tab.
FrontLoad and Multi-width FrontLoad lines: 600 and 1000, 2500(FLS only) capacity note cassettes.  Recently introduced is the stackerbag, this unit uses a secure sealed bag to protect the contents, storing up to 4,000 notes.