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At Crane Payment Innovations, our top priority will always be our customers; delivering innovative products that provide performance and real value.  We appreciate your business, and our level of service shows you how much we care. In the pursuit of service excellence, we offer support for our customers through various channels, such as customer service, technical support, and a global network of distributors and authorized service centers.

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Did you know ... ?
How do I read the serial number located on CashCode products?

The serial number has a coded date system embedded, this date will provide the year and week the unit was manufactured. Reading this date code is easy. 

Ex 00K21987632470 To identify the week the unit was manufactured, start with the letter "K", which represents the year 2000. The one-digit number (ie: 2) after the K indicates the year the unit was manufactured (ie: 2000 + 2 = 2002). In this example, the unit was manufactured in 2002. The two digits following the year represent the week in which the unit was manufactured. In this example, the unit was manufactured on the 19th week of 2002. The rest of the numbers are for internal use. 

Note: 2010 will be designated as 00KA12 – where A designates 2010 and 12, week 12 of 2010

B -2011, C -2012, D -2013 etc…

Please click here to see Cashcode Serial Numbering System.